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Hodder have re-issued some of my books as e-books on their Hodder Silver list, all with new covers and some nice social media publicity.   They are The Spring on the Mountain, The Stones of the Moon, The Lord of the Dance and The Burning.
Look them up on this site either under e-books or under Older Readers for more information.

Storm Voice is there too, but with the original cover.

So is Awaiting Developments - but that is not part of the Hodder Silver list - it isn’t fantasy, this one is all about reality!


All my books, except the very early ones, are on this website.  You’ll find fiction, non-fiction and some that are a blend of the two.  You’ll find books for very young readers and others for people of 13 and above, right up to adult.

The non-fiction subjects that interest me most are wildlife (from aphids to tigers), fantasy, myths, mysteries - oh yes, and walls.  They have all made their way into the fiction as well. 

I think I’m happiest when I’m writing a fiction and a non-fiction at the same time - then when I get stuck on one I can turn to the other.   (Do I ever get stuck on both?  Sometimes, but it usually passes.)