Judy Allen

Tiger - Animals at Risk Series

Illustrated by Tudor Humphries

When a rumour starts that there is a tiger in the woods, the villagers decide they want it killed: eating tiger-meat, they believe, will make them brave and selling a tiger-skin will make them rich. They persuade a famous hunter to track down the tiger. Young Lee is the only one who doesn’t want the tiger dead, and he wishes bad luck to the hunter who sets out to shoot it. But this is no ordinary hunter …

Paperback Publisher (UK): Walker Books ISBN: 0-7445-6355-0   Buy from Amazon.co.uk
Paperback Publisher (US): Candlewick Press ISBN: 1-56402-284-6   Buy from Amazon.com

A Reading Rainbow in America, Winner of the Washington State Children's Choice Award, 1995


“In eloquently lovely watercolours, Humphries captures the misty rice paddies and dramatic mountains … and – best of all – the magnificent tiger, pose after pose, in all his glory.” Kirkus Reviews

“An excellent book with wonderful illustrations, this story will spark interest not only in the tiger’s future, but also in the future of other animals." American Bookseller, Pick of the Lists

“A consistently good series… Judy Allen is one of our leading writers of natural history and conservation books for children.” Susan Hill, BP Conservation Prize