Judy Allen

Dragonfly - Up the Garden Path Series

Illustrated by Tudor Humphries

“Hunt over ponds and streams and slow-flowing rivers. Hunt over moors and marshes and neat hedgerows.” If you’re a dragonfly you breathe through small holes in the sides of your body, your eyes can see all around, all the time, and you can fly extremely fast – either forwards or backwards.

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Hardback Publisher (US): Kingfisher (US) ISBN: 0-7534-5346-0   Buy from Amazon.com


“Judy Allen’s inventive text involves the young reader through its direct style – “If you are [a dragonfly larvae] you can breathe in water through the end of your tail.” I never knew that. The few words are woven into delicate illustrations by Tudor Humphries that highlight detail and cleverly depict sequential action, such as the slow shedding of the outer skin.” The Guardian