Judy Allen

Seal - Animals at Risk Series

Illustrated by Tudor Humphries

On holiday in Greece with her family, Jenny grows tired of everyone knowing more than she does. Then one day, while exploring a rocky island as the grown-ups picnic nearby, she discovers a hidden cave where a rare monk seal shelters its young from human eyes and entangling fishing nets. Will Jenny be able to keep this information to herself – or will she tell the others and put the seals at risk?

Paperback Publisher (UK): Walker Books ISBN: 0-7445-6354-2   Buy from
Paperback Publisher (US): Candlewick Press ISBN: 0-7445-6354-2   Buy from

Commended for the Sir Peter Kent Conservation Award


“Allen and Humphries, collaborating again for the same notable ecological series that gave readers TIGER and WHALE, look at the serious problems facing the Mediterranean monk seal …” Booklist

“A consistently good series… Judy Allen is one of our leading writers of natural history and conservation books for children.” Susan Hill, BP Conservation Prize