Spring on the Mountain

Judy Allen

The Spring on the Mountain


"The murmuring from the new waterfall was a musical sound and it rose and fell like a chant, at once soothing and compelling. He caught himself listening for words in it. He had never been up a mountain in a storm before but he couldnít believe that this darkness, such a short time after noon, could be normal. He was seriously frightened. He looked up into the darkness where the peaceful chanting water was hidden. It was a comforting noise and he was sure it was quite near Öí On holiday in a cottage at the foot of a Welsh mountain, Emma, Michael and Peter become fascinated by the legends that surround it and by Arthurís Way, the old straight track that leads to its summit. Then they meet the enigmatic Mrs White and learn of her obsession with the spring on the mountainís top. But is it her strange quest that draws them up Arthurís Way at the most dangerous time of the year? Or is there some ancient power emanating from the spring itself?

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