Rare and Special

Judy Allen

Something Rare and Special


“Dear Sue … I’ll tell you what there isn’t here – since we got to this house I haven’t seen a shop, a café or a bus. There’s no pier or anything on the beach. I’m not sure there’s a ‘me’.” After her parents divorce, Lyn and her mother move out of London to a temporary home on the coast. At first, missing her friends and the inner city estate she knew so well, Lyn feels lost in the bleak empty landscape. Then she meets someone who shows her that the landscape isn’t empty at all, but seething with life - and she discovers that something else is as lost as she is, something very rare and special.

Paperback Publisher (UK): Walker Books ISBN: 0-7445-6071-3   Buy from Amazon.co.uk

Book choice for post-primary schools ages 12-14


“A sensitive story, rich with thoughtful atmosphere.” Junior Education