Seven Weird Days

Judy Allen

Seven Weird Days at Number 31

Illustrated by Derek Brazell

The weird things start to happen as soon as Mike and his parents move in to their new home, Number 31 South Street. Mike’s clothes fly out of the window, footsteps pad up the stairs at night, the old clock chimes although the chime has been switched off … The house is haunted, Mike is sure, and the ghost wants him out. But why – and what can he do? Mike and his friend Scott have to solve the spooky mystery in this high-spirited ghost story.

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“This enjoyable spook-fest will provide engaging reading for a fairly wide age range ... It is satisfyingly creepy throughout, with a definite hard-to-put-down appeal." School Library Association

"... a genuinely eerie story, full of twists and suspense..." Daily Telegraph