Judy Allen

Panda - Animals at Risk Series

Illustrated by Tudor Humphries

When Jake’s father goes on a botany expedition to western China with his boss, Professor Beall, Jake gets the chance of a lifetime – to travel with them and perhaps see a panda in the wild. Left alone in camp one day Jake has a surprise encounter with a panda, but the panda accidentally breaks Professor Beall’s expensive camera and – even worse – neither the Professor nor his father believe Jake’s story of what happened. Jake knows the only thing that will convince them is if they see the creature with their own eyes …

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Paperback Publisher (US): Candlewick Press ISBN: 1-56402-521-7   Buy from

Commended for the Sir Peter Kent Conservation Award


“Charmingly illustrated with Humphries’ watercolours, depicting animals and birds in beautiful relief against a misty, bosky background … a wealth of information about pandas and their natural habitat cleverly disguised as a delightful adventure.” Booklist

“A consistently good series… Judy Allen is one of our leading writers of natural history and conservation books for children.” Susan Hill, BP Conservation Prize