Five Weird Days

Judy Allen

Five Weird Days at Aunt Carly's

Illustrated by Derek Brazell

When Mike stays at Aunt Carly’s with his friend Scott, they soon notice some weird happenings. A strange shape moves across the floor of their room, and spooky sounds echo from below the ground. Mike and Scott are sure they’re being haunted, and that the ghost is trying to tell them something important. But what can it be and what can they do about it? Find out in this spine-tingling sequel to Seven Weird Days at Number 31.

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"A well-written tale that will scare but not cause nightmares." School Library Association

"A well-written ghost story guarantees an absorbing read. Judy Allen serves her pre-teen readers well with a tale fuelled by suspense and historical intrigue ... a very satisfying, surprising ending.." Reading Time