Judy Allen

Elephant - Animals at Risk Series

Illustrated by Tudor Humphries

From the moment Hannah first sets eyes on her mother’s ivory necklace, she is fascinated by it. Among the cream-coloured beads are the perfectly carved images of six elephants. But why has no one ever worn the necklace? Did it really give her grandmother bad dreams? Then Hannah, too, begins to have bad dream and she knows what she must do – An elephant was killed for its ivory tusks so that the necklace could be made - and somehow she must find a way to make up for past wrongs.

Paperback Publisher (UK): Walker Books ISBN: 0-7445-6352-b  
Paperback Publisher (US): Candlewick Press ISBN: 1-56402-438-5   Buy from Amazon.com


“A consistently good series… Judy Allen is one of our leading writers of natural history and conservation books for children.” Susan Hill, BP Conservation Prize