Judy Allen

The Burning


His image slithered across an old cottage window, his thin white hands were reflected briefly in the glass, and somewhere inside, in a dark quiet place, the smallest imaginable tremor moved the air. It was not like a full awakening. Not yet. But something that had lain in such deep peace that it might almost not have existed was now a little nearer the surface than before… To Jan and Kate the changes are gradual but disturbing. An attic opened after years left sealed. A stranger seeking answers to family mysteries. A bonfire kindling on a village green that bears the scars of a terrible fire decades ago. Below the surface of their village, something has begun its search – for somewhere to feed and grow, for someone to embrace and use its ruinous power.

Paperback Publisher (UK): Hodder Silver: Hodder Chi ISBN: 0-340-73991-6   Buy from Amazon.co.uk

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“Judy Allen’s The Burning tackles the reawakening of a dark and dangerous force, a bitter psychic energy that possesses Kate’s friend, Jan, when the descendant of a family of mill owners arrives in their village. The insidiousness of evil is beautifully handled in Allen’s exploration of jealousy and revenge.” Times Educational Supplement.