Judy Allen

Eagle - Animals at Risk Series

Illustrated by Tudor Humphries

On a field trip into the Philippine jungle, a teacher and his young students study the flora and fauna that live under its green canopy. As they walk through a sunny clearing at the edge of the jungle, a sudden swooping shadow passes over. It is an eagle – rare and magnificent. One of the students, Miguel, is terrified. Is his fear of the soaring predator a premonition? Is there real danger – and if so, to whom?

Paperback Publisher (UK): Walker Books ISBN: 0-7445-6351-8   Buy from Amazon.co.uk
Paperback Publisher (US): Candlewick Press ISBN: 1-56402-952-2   Buy from Amazon.com

A Reading Rainbow in America


“Humphries’s watercolours, by turns dreamy and crackling, bring to life both the steamy forest and the magnificent bird.” Kirkus Reviews

“A consistently good series… Judy Allen is one of our leading writers of natural history and conservation books for children.” Susan Hill, BP Conservation Prize